Align Your Karma with Your True Intentions

Release yourself from the guilt of the past. Forgive yourself.

Toxic Relationships Kill. Get Out!

Toxic relationships affect your mind and body. Even when there are no physical evidence, the damage has been done. Find time to safely exit the situation, and do not forget to heal.

Thoughts Become Things Videos!

While we may not always see the immediate results of what we are thinking, know that it is creating something. Our videos reminds you that you can live the life you desire by choosing to think thoughts that align with your desires. It takes practice often and discipline, daily.

Consequences vs Punishment

As a teacher and parent, I deal with children often. As I writer, I like to record what I have observed then record videos to help others gain insight. One of my youtube videos addresses the difference between the importance of differentiating between consequences and punishment in dealing with people.

Do Not Sabotage Your Good Times

Enjoy your moments. Enjoy the people who you are with and those activities that made those memories special. I know we are all so busy between all our social media activities and what nots, but take a moment to savor the good times.