About Marsha Kerr Talley

Let's Get Aquainted

Marsha Talley has been a public education teacher for over a decade and has taught high school for the last six years with a Master's degree in Special Education. She teaches children with varying degrees of abilities and those who need specialized instruction, including autism, dyslexia, and intellectual disabilities. Currently completing her principal certification and maintaining her teaching certificates, her passion is to allow students to learn through a variety of ways that will enable them to tap into their potential. Her goal is to help students understand that the activation of knowledge is power.

Talley is also an author and entrepreneur. She has published three books and is the CEO and founder of Silhouette's Cafe, a company that promotes wellness through a variety of products, including essential oils. Her position as a business owner adds to her relevance as an educator since she can prepare students for the world of economy.

As a mother of a bright and highly intelligent young girl, Ms. Talley has managed to balance work, business, and raising a family. She plans to continue growing as a parent, business owner, motivational speaker, and teacher.

More Than an Teacher

Learning does not begin or end within the walls of the classroom. Let your child learn from a teacher who is relevant, practical, and promotes critical thinking through a variety of medium to enhance their learning potential. 

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